Destabilizing the environment-conflict thesis

It reviews the history of articulations of environmental alarm, how these themes recur in geopolitical discussions in the West, and how they are once again in vogue in the discussion of climate change. As the scale of the human transformation of the biosphere has become clear in the last few decades, these issues are now pressing political concerns. Investigating the potential dangers from environmental changes requires both an understanding of how science and policy represent nature and environment as well as of the policy processes that are involved in invoking threats that apparently require a security response. Thus formulations of security are related to political processes, to how larger geopolitical contexts are invoked to explain state strategies, as well as to the specific vulnerabilities faced in particular locales.

Destabilizing the environment-conflict thesis

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Climate and conflicts: the security risks of global warming - Springer Link A Reader, the latest addition to our Peace and Conflict in Africa series.
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Suggest Documents Environmental peacebuilding Save Environmental peacebuilding examines and advocates environmental protection and cooperation as a factor in peaceful relations. Peacebuilding is both the theory and practice of identifying the conditions that can lead to a sustainable peace between those who have previously been adversaries, and assisting adversaries to move towards a sustainable peace.

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Destabilizing the environment-conflict thesis

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(). Destabilizing the environment-conflict thesis" (). Development and International Relations: A Critical Introduction. (). This thesis is illustrated with particular reference to three issues: water supplies (and scope for water wars), energy demand/supply, and a host of other environmental problems with widespread impact such as desertification, global warming and population/ poverty pressures.

Daniel Clausen, Florida International University, International Relations Department, Alumnus. Studies International Relations, International Security, and Post-conflict Reconstruction and Development.

Daniel Clausen is a graduate of Florida. Destabilizing the environment-conflict thesis. Seoul and Tokyo, british International Studies Association, however.

Another perceives as the ecological transformation of a river and the displacement of local communities. Peace, Conflict, and Development in Africa is aimed at those involved in building peace in ways that foster human-centred, inclusive development and at those working in the development and economic spheres who want to ensure that their work does no harm and actually supports and contributes to peace.

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