An overview of the key aspects of the ghosts and gravestones a trolley tour in boston

See historic rooms, exhibits, art and enjoy guided tours.

An overview of the key aspects of the ghosts and gravestones a trolley tour in boston

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This unique tour takes you to downtown Boston's most infamous haunted locations. Will you glimpse the roaming spirits of witches and other "undesirables" hanged and buried in the Boston Common?

Will you be grabbed from behind by the ghost of the Central Burying Ground? After fleeing the burial ground, you will make your way across the Common and into the well-lit and beautifully manicured confines of the Public Garden.

Nothing bad could happen here. It's too upper crust to allow such petty thoughts of unquiet spirits and unmarked graves. As if sensing your returning bravery, you are led over to the statue of a cherub that stands stoically in a fountain near the Arlington Street entrance.

Nothing bad could happen here Unless, of course, you, too, can see the two elderly ladies - the legendary "Proper Bostonians" - dressed in the style of the s coming over from the Ritz Carlton.

Just like they've been doing for the past 60 years. Sometimes they stop and smile hello.

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Just before they disappear into thin air. Advance, prepaid reservations required. Both day and evening tours are available. Your group's own bus may be substituted at a reduced cost.

A luncheon at a haunted restaurant can be provided for an additional charge. Call us to arrange your group's tour today! Visit the haunted Joshua Ward House, built in In picturesque Marblehead you will hear the horrifying tales of the Screeching Lady Beach and the beast of Baker's Island.

From here, on stormy nights, the wizard Diamond can still be heard commanding ships at sea into safe harbor! And can you smell the rose water made by Aunt Creese on the haunted lane? We begin at the Colonial Inn, Concord, built in Boston Ghosts and Gravestones Tour Whether traveling by plane, plane or car, the travel tips provided here will help you have a successful journey.

Things to see, do and eat in Boston! Things to do in the USA A remarkable place to explore, the USA is a gargantuan country with a vast array of options when it comes to things to see and do.

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Notable sites in the city and on the island are Mallory Square, Duval Street, The Ernest Hemingway House and Museum, Southernmost Point monument and The Key West Museum of Art & History.

Your host, a long time resident, ghost historian, active member of The American Ghost Society & founder of The San Francisco Ghost Society leads this two hour walking tour and lets you discover the many ghosts, witches and macabre history of Haight-Ashbury.

An overview of the key aspects of the ghosts and gravestones a trolley tour in boston

Old Town Trolley Tours - Enjoy seeing the sites of Boston while riding in a trolley. You have the freedom to get on and off the trolley as often as you'd like; there's always another trolley coming along soon.

Also offers a Ghost and Gravestones tour.

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